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VGB / Vinyl Glazing Bead Handy Hands Window Glazing Bead Best Project Helper - The Glazing Bead Cutting Tool is simply the best and most helpful manual cutting tool you can get for your glazing bead project - sharp razor blades cut through all kinds / all types / all brands of plastic window glazing bead and spline, PVC bead, CPVC Beads, all vinyl window beading and works like a dream with all weather strip and weatherstripping. The Movable "table" Allows for Precision Mitre Cuts / Straight Cuts and different angle cuts too! Very simple and fast method - at any degree you wish to set and adjust to .. this unit will make a professional out of the D.I.Y. Homeowner .. or help any PRO WINDOW TECHNICIAN AS WELL!! .. do a better and more efficient job.


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Always get a precision straight or miter cuts .. more cuts cleaner and faster  .. everytime. Unit has a simple adjustable guide block - comes with One (1) Model AWDPC2-MC-B and One (1) Package of  Adjustable Cutter Tool Replacement Blades (5 / Pk ) The Multi-Functional Hand Held Beading Cutter is great for cutting PVC / Vinyl glazing bead strips, rubber gaskets, molding and weatherstrip. Simply adjust the guide with the desired angle line on the tool's platform and you have a perfect 135, 120, 105, 90, 75, 60 or 45 degrees miter cut every time. The cutter is made of high quality steel with vinyl handgrips which allow for comfort when cutting. Architectural Design Hand Tools, Office Partition Strip Cutter, Hand Specialty Tools for Weather Strip and Glazing Parts, Door and Window Replacement Parts Specialty Tools, Automotive Weather Seal Cutting Tools 




Best Window Glazing Bead and Weatherstripping Installation Helper You Can Get!! 

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