SEMCO Bilt-Best Marvin | Casement Window Sash Lock Parts

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Casement Window Replacement Sash and Locking Parts Assemblies | Semco Casement Window Sash Parts | Casement Sash Locks For: Marvin, Truth, and Entrygard by Truth branded Parts, Biltbest, Builtbest, Semco, Marvin Casemaster, Alenco, Wenco, ThermalGard, Traco, Caradco, and a number of other older wood and clad casements from the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and into the 2000's - available in Several Finishes: Beige, Bronze, White, Gold, Chestnut Bronze, Clay and Coppertone Finish for the "Non-Handed" units; Note: there were some units that are "handed" and look the same but are for tandem opearations ( 2 locks working together) that operate with a tie rod assembly ( SOLD ELSEWHERE ON THIS SITE );  IF YOU ARE NOT SURE ? .. Email Us And Send A Picture Of the BACK SIDE OF THE LOCK?




Price: $31.88