Old Multi Point Door Locking Hardware Parts | Outdated and Obsolete Hard to Find Replacement Parts

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MULTIPOINT DOOR HARDWARE AND SWING DOOR HARDWARE QUESTIONS ..  Multipoint Door Hardware Replacements | Old Outdated and Obsolete Hard to Find Parts - We're glad to assist you in solving issues and problems with old door hardware parts, old multi point parts and answers .. but as you might imagine there is a little more to it than you think - prices for parts starting at $ 28.88 and Upwards.



.. Send Good Pictures and as much info as you can.



  • Faceplate stampings? G-U, Ferco, Marvin or others?

  • Single Door or French Doors? Inswing? Outswing? Sliding Patio Door?

  • Door Thickness? 1-3/4", 2-1/4" or Other

  • The Manufacturer of your door? Age of Door?

  • Glass Stamping Code or Etchings?

  • Finish or Color of your Multipoint Lock system: Silver, Stainless, Yellow Dichromate, Black, White or Other?

  • Measurements - center of handle to the center of the key cylinder? 2-7/32", 2-53/64", 3-5/8" or other?

  • Manual Multipoint - locks engaged by lifting lever upwards? .. or "Automatic"

  • Face plate measurements?

  • Key cylinder above or below the handle?

  • BACKSET: The distance from the center of the handle to the door edge?

  • 1 3/16", 1 3/8", 1 9/16", 1 3/4", 2", 2 3/16", 2-3/8" or Other?

  • What is your door panel height?

  • How Many "locking" points? .. Latch Bolts, Shoot Bolt, Hook & Tongue Bolt, Roller Bolts?




Price: $32.35