Let me know if you think these parts will work?

Looking for some old BiltBest Casement Window Operators. These are pretty old. Stamped with P234 DC P233 DC on Operator parts. I have sent some photos of these old Biltbest parts. Can You Help?
Thanks - you can find these at: http://www.biltbestwindowparts.com/content/casement-operator-0

I have some old BiltBest Casement Windows. Operators are shot and broken, most are wore out or broken. Stamping # P234 DC # P233 DC on parts. I want to be sure and others have me looking at 39-139 Single Arm Crank Operators - and say: Let me know if you think that will work?? How would I know? You guys are the BiltBest Window Pros - can you help?

SURE WE CAN .. and Thank You! Find a group of FAQ'S here: http://www.biltbestwindowparts.com/search/node/P233

BUY YOUR PARTS HERE:  http://www.biltbestwindowparts.com/content/casement-operator-0