HomeAdvisor - Lincoln asks - Can you help with Parts ID Help on Stampings, Etchings, Glass Codes to ID All Window & Door Parts?

QUESTION? Do you have a conversion list of all window hardware from stamping codes?
QUESTION? How do I determine the new part numbers from old operqator stampings?
QUESTION? HomeAdvisor Handyman Asks? Can you ID the Parts I Need from the arm stamping codes on old hardware?
QUESTION? Do you maintain or supply parts listing ID's for old Truth window and Entrygard door parts hardware codes?
QUESTION? Handyman Connection Asks? Do you have a conversion list of all window hardware from stamping codes?



However, finding the correct replacement parts is a little more complex and the easiest way to immediately identify a window or door hardware part is with information and all stamping and etching ID Codes, along with good clear photos and some overall measurements, arm lengths, types of roto-gears, materials like stainless steel, or painted, type or finish color, residential or commercial, PVD finish, Truth Model Stamp # 41131 as example on back of a tilt sash lock etc.

Some companies, like Marvin, Biltbest,  Kolbe, Acorn, Caradco, Hurd, Wenco, Truth and Entrygard and others -- will stamp their name on the window hardware parts, normally on handles, sash locks or other hardware.  Other companies, like Marvin, Keller and Malta, Outlook, Seal-Rite, Oldach and others - will have their information stamped on the spacer bar that sits between the two panes of glass in your insulated window. This spacer bar runs clear around the edge of the glass in the window. Some like Marvin, Biltbest, Integrity, Andersen, Shelter, Windsor and others will etch their names in the corner of the glass - AS SHOWN IN PHOTOS ..  and some companies will not put their company name anywhere on the window or door - Crestline, Peachtree, Vetter and others are known to do this. They use a series of letters and numbers on their products. Unless you know exactly what these letters and numbers mean, it can be hard to determine what kind of window it is. Finding the Identification Code, Glass Code, Glass Stamping Code to help Identify Products can be found elsewhere on our site.


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