Awning Window Units - Operator Roto-Gear Cranks 16 1/8" 21 1/2" 25 1/2" Width and Over

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See the drop Down Menus for your Truth Awning Window Hardware Parts - Daylight Opening Widths:  [ 18 1/2" to under  22 1/2" | 22 1/2" to under 26 1/2" |  26 1/2" and larger. Package Includes:  Single Pull Operator as shown and Screws.

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Get a positive casement sash control  from the right hardware for your windows. This awning window operator is  designed to provide positive control of the awning sash in all positions.  Most commonly used between 1981 - 1993. A simple detach feature disengages operator from sash for quick window removal. The concealed mounting screw holes are set at 4-1/4, 3-1/2 and two inches (108, 88.9 and 50.8 millimeters) on center.  NOTE: Polished Brass No Longer Available on the 25 1/2" W Units. WHY COASTAL? .. Corrosion Protection - the demands on window hardware in coastal environments are extreme and unrelenting.  Many methods have been tried .. nothing is better than Stainless to combat corrosion and rust in salt water environments.


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Awning Window Roto Crank Operators

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